Elevate your interior.

Transform your space into

a captivating journey

Let’s create a
– “Fire room”
– an “Ice room”
– or a “Waterfall” hallway.
Let’s figure out what kind of
emotion the space should evoke. 

Birth of Nebula

conversation piece

Evoke a sense of wast space in your room. Two progressive moments frozen in time.  The stable form and the expanding form of a radient space nebula.
Depict expanding the light in your room.

Florescent radience

conversation piece

If the sun could be captured and it’s rays kept in a room, this is what you’d get. The series “Florescent radiance” brings warmth with a modern twist. All the colors used are florescent and in person shine more vivid than regular colors, hence the modern twist.

Leave a lasting impression

on your guests

Let’s spark conversation with a
– “chaos corner” of strong paintings, 

– or an “uplifting hallway” with cloud paintings
– or an “explosive room” futuring paintings
depicting fast expanding movement.

Surround yourself

with inspiration

Tailored Art instalation

with a functional interior

– Inspire with an “Elegant Gallery room”
– energize your space with “Dynamic Zone”
– or a “Luxury pass-way”
– cultivate mindfulness with a “Zen Art Sanctuary.”


conversation piece

If your desired concept is more passionate, the “FireFall” collection will create a radiant feel of unstoppable natures force lava spewing out your walls. If you want your room to leave a striking impression, set up some red sofas and you are all set.

Balanced oposites

conversation piece

To strike a balance in your design, without it coming across as boring or plane, I will make a custom series, highlighting two extremes of one world. Hot vs Cold, Soft vs Rough, Explosive vs Implosive, Clean vs Chaotic, Jin vs Jung.

What is your character?

What is your story?


Let's grab a coffee

and talk paintings!