Peter’s creative endeavor is creating abstract worlds for his audience to immerse themselves in.

His abstract paintings offer an introspective lens which evokes viewers inner thoughts and challenges their imaginative perception.




Peter Vode is a schooled musician.

He obtained his Jazz bachelor degree in singing at New England Conservatory in Boston and now writes, records and produces his own music. He wanted to add a deeper layer of expression to his songs and started creating acrylic abstract paintings which are an emotional representation of songs he makes.




Some of his songs would even have a series of paintings tied to them.

Each painting would uniquely match the emotion of the song with its color scheme and perceived movement intensity. Other painting series would uniquely expressing different parts of the song and their emotional charge.




By observing Peter’s abstract paintings it’s evident he would often focus on depicting different types of movement.

A lot of his work gives an impression of kinetic energy frozen in time. Some paintings might evoke a feeling of expanding or exploding, some give a sense of spilling or imploding and others give a more organic feel of bursting water, as if the water is bursting out of the painting.




In other examples his paintings would have a texture of rough earth and rocks.

With carefully crafted paint mixtures his broad portfolio showcases smooth elegant paintings but also offers a stark contrast to that with his cracked paintings, which in texture remind of lava rock floor.